Sonokinetic – Orchestral Strings (KONTAKT)

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We are very proud to present you our version of orchestral strings.
This product is the culmination of all our efforts so far. It combines our experience in making orchestral phrases with what we’ve learned about multisampling over the years, and continues our quest for total phrase flexibility.

Description continued:
At its core, Orchestral Strings is a massive full-length string section, recorded with the fantastic Capellen Orchestra in Zlín, Czech Republic, and edited with the utmost care to preserve every detail of the performance.
We’ve covered all of the most commonly used articulations in four speeds, and we’ve also developed a “common tail” system for short cuts that allows for more rounds without overburdening memory.

The tool includes powerful midi engines: midi import, midi manipulation in real time, piano roll editor and midi export. The possibilities are almost limitless, yet very easily accessible if you just want to skim through them.
The Runs mechanism allows you to play chords and trigger parts that correspond to those chords by simply pressing the start and end keys.

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