Splice Sounds – Gio Israel Persian Essentials Vol. 1 (WAV)

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Gio Israel’s Essential Persian series reveals the hidden sounds of ancient Persian music.
Iran’s musical history spans thousands of years and spreads through various neighboring cultures, making it one of the richest and most influential musical regions of the old world. The classical music of Iran continues to function as a spiritual instrument, as it has throughout history. Less entertaining activity, the music of the region is rich in complexity, melodic movements, scales and tunings. Relying on both improvisation and composition, pieces can vary greatly from beginning to end.
In this series, we shed light on some of the most iconic instruments and sounds of ancient Persian culture, all recorded in cutting-edge settings, making it one of the most comprehensive collections of sounds and samples from the region. .
Amir Shahasar
Eitan Refua
Yaron Chernyak


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