Steven Slate Drums 3.5 EX (KONTAKT)

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Excellent sounding drum samples from renowned drummer Steven Slate! First of all, it is a very correct sound. Kick drum hits with maximum velocity (crack) are recorded with strong and confident rimshot hit, which is simply indispensable for modern pop, rock and heavier music. The library contains over 40 drum kits including 13 kits as well as 10 new hybrid kits that use several different layers to create new and unique sounds. This pack is the most complete virtual drum instrument.
All samples are correctly taken and already processed, you don’t need to hang a lot of processing to get the right sound. One compressor and equalizer to taste is enough.
Nicely modeled hat closing time: when closing an open hat, the decay time of the cups will depend on the velocity of the next hit (pedal or hat close).
Echoes of the correct room and reverb are also sampled, for a non-advanced user the question of “inappropriate reverb” disappears.

Download Drums 3.5


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