Strezov Sampling – Orchestral Percussion X3M (Player Edition) (KONTAKT)

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A highly flexible collection of orchestral percussion instruments recorded in a large hall and ported to the X3M Engine for maximum playback convenience. Ideal for all kinds of music.

Requires free NI Kontakt Player or NI Kontakt FULL v6.7.1+!

About Orchestral Percussion X3M
The concept behind ORCHESTRAL PERCUSSION X3M is not only to introduce different types of orchestral percussion recorded in a dry, still lively room, but also to allow for the creation of more unique instrument combinations, as well as some new additions as far as sounds and effects are concerned.

Our main idea was to record different kinds of orchestral percussion sets, suitable for all kinds of dynamic music and especially cinematic music. The library has multiple dynamic levels (from very soft ppp to blasting ffff) and has multiple round-robins (meaning that each instrument has unique samples assigned to it that get changed every time you press a key) . We also included new and not yet sampled instruments like Orthodox Church Bells as well as various instrument sizes for the Bass Drum and two Timpanis for maximum flexibility. Here is what the library’s interface looks like.

The X3M Percussion Engine
The concept behind our engine is fairly simple – it is made of 12 zones that you assign different patches to. After you’ve decided on the template of your choosing, just plug in and play – nothing else is needed or expected.

When you load up Orchestral Percussion X3M, you automatically load all samples that are inside your workstation’s “samples” folder. However, the instruments are built in such a way that not only do you have a single patch with all types of percussion you might need, you also have a patch that is optimized and friendly to your RAM’s capacity. For more info, please refer to the .pdf manual we’ve prepared for you. It’s at the bottom of this overview page.


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