That Sound – RE-TAPED (WAV)

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Imagine that you sit down at your computer and work on a new track. You want this track to have that intangible color and vibe. Need noise, but hi-fi. You need a ribbon. You call up some of your favorite drum samples, add that tape recorder plug-in you really like, select a preset, turn a few knobs and boom…almost. It’s almost like a cassette, but it seems a bit artificial, made up… made up. Look, every music creator loves a good plugin, but there are some things that shouldn’t be faked. Our Re:Taped library is here to sledgehammer your tape recorder plugin. If you’ve ever recorded on tape, you know the warmth and depth that comes with recording. This library offers just that, drum samples with outstanding warmth, depth and density. Since we tend to be a little picky about quality, let’s take a look at our process for capturing these sounds. We started with some really great one-shot drum samples. Once these one-shots were created, they were recorded onto a classic Sony 8″ reel to reel and 2 different 4 track cassette tape recorders, put into Pro Tools and given real saturation by slowing down the speed and changing the playback head. The result is a doubling of thickness, depth, pitch and warmth. We even left some tape noise in the samples to make them feel like they were taken straight from the record. But make no mistake, these samples are not lo-fi. You will notice that all these patterns have a strong influence on you. For you pop, hip-hop, chill-hop, trap, boom-bap and r&b producers, wanting to get (or stay) in the top 40… or you music creators making tracks for licensing and placement… welcome to the new playground of sounds. Because if it’s not the real thing, it’s just a fantasy.

178 one-shot samples, 36 kicks, 40 snares, 24 hats, 21 percussion samples, 18 fx samples, 6 booms, 14 claps / snaps, 15 toms 81
unique loops stemmed into 419 total wav files, 27 different tempos

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