Tone2 – Gladiator3 v3.5.2 STANDALONE, VSTi, VSTi3 x64

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The award-winning Gladiator is a popular synthesizer that is used in many professional projects. It provides an innovative approach to sound generation. His exclusive HCM synthesis covers new and unique sonic territory.

New features in Gladiator 3

New GUI that is almost twice as big.
Choose from four different interface sizes.
New patch browser.
Informational tags about patches displayed in the patch browser.
New sound quality mode (high-end)
Context-sensitive tooltips with detailed descriptions of all controls.
Rank patches by clicking on the stars in the patch browser.
The ranking of patches is stored in the Ranking.rnk file.
6 additional LFO waveforms: Stair 4 up, Stair 8 up, Stair 4 down, Stair 8 down, Stair 4 up/down, Stair 8 up/down.
Added manuals in English, German, French, Spanish and Italian to the new Help menu.
New cycle modes :
Noise: Jump to a random section.
V50%: Ping pong loops 50% of the spectrum.
V20%: Ping pong loops 25% of the spectrum.
Additional phase shifters :
Zzzap: Sound like a laser.
Boing: Sounds like a reversing laser.
Odd Noise and Even Noise: Adds noise to the spectrum.
Odd 90 and Even 90: Sounds like a sub-oscillator.
Extended semitone range for the arpeggiator from -23 to +23.
Added cross-product compatibility: Selecting “Save” and then “Export” exports the osc 1 audio as an Icarus-compatible wavetable in WAV format.
Video tutorials can be shown from the help menu.
Updates and additional sounds can be accessed directly from the help menu.

Key Features

Advanced Harmonic Content Transformation (HCM Synthesis)
Phase modulation.
Wave formation.
Resynthesized spectra.
phase distortion.
Exemplary noise oscillator.
30,208 signals.
18 OSCs per vote.
40 different stereo filters.
20 effects.
True stereo architecture.
Oversampling up to 324x.
Programmable ARP and STEP LFO / Trancegate effects.
BPM is synced.
Flexible routing.
256-voice polyphony.

List of changes
New Features –
HiDPI support for VST3 version.
Improvements –
Slightly better performance.
Further optimization to prevent denormalization.
Several small improvements.
Fixes –
The VST3 plugin did not sync the BPM speed correctly.
Workaround for some DAWs that didn’t update the GUI properly after resizing it.

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