United Plugins & Instant Audio – QuickBass 1.2

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Bass is generally considered to be the coolest of all instruments. Mostly bass players. Recorded with good DI, great bass often sounds perfect when played and requires only a little push here and there. That’s why we came up with QuckBass. To give you fast EQ, fast compression, fast saturation and fat in no time. QuickBass is the ultimate bass polisher and finalizer.
Using multiple plugins to achieve the same goal just doesn’t make sense. You may encounter unwanted interactions between plugins, and their extra functions (unnecessary to work) can drain your processor. So we decided to pack all the instruments you need to get the perfect bass sound in one box with as few controls as possible to find the sweet spot between speed and versatility.
No matter what technique you play, Quick bass adapts to it. Equalizer has internal presets to provide the best sound for finger or pick styles and funk slap techniques. The Millerize button makes it slap-ready with a tailored approach to your mids. While most of the curve is preset, you still have a few EQ controls for fine tuning. But it is recommended to start from zero positions.
An excellent compressor is needed. It also refers to dynamics and colors. QuickBass lets you mix Vari-mu, Opto and FET compressor types to give the bass the character you want. How hard you want to squeeze is up to you.
Is the bass too thin? This is a common problem with bass. QuickBass solves this problem with a unique single handle doubler. And it can also generate sub-bass to give you the nice bold low end that every song needs. This bass makes the crowd dance!
There is no pleasure without satiety. QuickBass treats this section with care. Its parallel saturator can provide anything between just a tiny bit of analogue feel and the heavy bass distortion that only a tube amp could do (before QuickBass, of course).


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