UVI – Electro Suite (UVI Falcon)

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The product is out of production!
UVI Electro Suite is a unique collection of powerful instruments and a huge library of sounds, including constructors, loops and individual elements, specially designed for electronic dance music. Easy to use, rich sounding and inspiring instruments – create your own electro hits at a glance.
UES DrumShaper is a unique instrument dedicated to the most useful rhythm elements used in any kind of modern Electro genre: BD (bass drum), SD (snare drum), Claps and HH. By combining very high-pitched and precisely sampled samples with the most advanced analog drum modeling and smart parameter selection, you can create your own kicks, claps, snares and hats. With the included step sequencer, you can also create patterns while shaping sounds.
EEC MissionControl consists of 6 sections:
BD + SD (bass drums + snare drums).
HH (tall hats).
Percs (Percussion).
Synthesizer 2.

More details
Choose any hinge from Electro Suite to automatically mix and match. It’s that simple, just hit the play button or fire a MIDI note from C1 to B1 and you’re ready to go, everything will sound right, no problem.
UES DirtyMONO is a very cool and pretty crazy monophonic synthesizer with a clever phrase. This is no ordinary analog-modeled mono synthesizer as it contains 4 sound generators: VCO1 for pure analog wavetables, VCO2 for digital deeply multisampled oscillator for the modern electronic music genre, fat analog sub-oscillator and analog sampled noise. All of this can be mixed and routed to one of the thickest low-pass filters you’ll find on a software instrument. Other shaping tools such as LFO, envelope and FX will enhance this synthesizer to analog ecstasy. Fraser is so simple and effective thanks to its recording functions that you will surely use it every day.
UES CarminePoly is an exclusive polyphonic synthesizer with a personal touch. It has two hybrid VCOs containing stereo, unison and raw waveforms using deep sampling rather than simulation – it sounds better and uses less processor resources. These VCOs can be mixed, panned, transposed and passed through a luscious analog modeled filter with full controls such as cutoff, Q, and drive. In the final step, four excellent FX effects handle it all: a powerful Drive for adding harmonics and mud, the famous UVI Delay and Phaser, and the all-new Sparkle reverb that’s great for synth textures. UES CarminePoly comes with 20 DIY presets that you can customize.
UES SweepMachine is the only tool ever designed to create a sweep of noise. All Electro Suite instruments are very easy to use: just play a MIDI note, choose one of the four presets, set the number of bars you want for the sweep duration, and that’s it. Three noise generators are available, including Sub Noise and Metal.
Huge library of sounds recorded and perfected
Electro Suite also includes a complete sound library of 80 high-profile constructors with all the elements: thousands of drum loops, single beats, instruments and much more.
Each sound has been meticulously recorded at 24/96 kHz using the finest analog instruments, refined to perfection and converted to 16 / 44.1 kHz.
Ready-made presets from constructors.
The UVI X-Samples category contains hundreds of game presets created from builders. You no longer need to cut out sounds from loops yourself.

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