UVI – Emulation II Plus v1.0.1 (UVI Falcon)

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Not 1, but 3 iconic synthesizer-samplers of the 80s plus massive lo-fi drum machine, original officially licensed sounds plus tons of new ones, all recorded on vintage equipment, available as single instruments or in multiple stacked sounds and inspiring 4 + 1 phrases, we are thrilled to present you with our most ambitious library: Emulation II +!
Explore the authentic sounds of the Emulator, Emulator II, and Emulator III equipment, then immerse yourself in Drumulation +, an old-school drum machine filled with thousands of drum samples from Drumulator, SP12 and EI, II and III, with a creative sequencer. , Drag and drop MIDI and more.
Whether you’re a fan of 80s music or just love the lo-fi flavor of vintage samplers, Emulation II + is a powerful, dynamic and widely played instrument that inspires musicians, composers, producers and sound engineers of all skill levels.
Used in countless 80s hits and movies, Emulation II sounds are rich and spontaneous. With over 300 layers recorded directly from a fully rebuilt Emulator II, and again on the rare Oberheim DPX-1 (switch cars by pressing the DPX switch in the user interface), you will receive a comprehensive collection of officially licensed presets from OMI’s exclusive “Universe of Sounds, Vol. 1 and 2. Emulation II gives you unprecedented access to the authentic lo-fi sounds of this iconic hit maker.
Emulator was the first “affordable” 8-bit sampler, released in 1981. Emulation I is a modern, creative exploration of this vintage classic, delivering both old and brand new sounds. With a warm collection of samples loaded onto diskette and recorded from hardware, you get hundreds of lo-fi sounds, from orchestral to electronic, classical to modern. Emulation I is a versatile tool with a lot of features and surprises.
Emulator III has a more reliable system with a more accurate engine and has a classic vintage sound with a twist. Thanks to the original licensed sounds from OMI, you get over 240 layers recorded directly from the equipment. Emulation III complements the acclaimed trinity of ’80s sample synths with a unique and complementary sound library, including a variety of bass, solos, bells, pads, orchestral music and more.
All instruments in Emulation II + share the same layout and basic functionality, with the exception of the dedicated DPX mode in Emulation II, which allows you to easily switch between instruments and stay focused on the sound. ADSR includes controls for amplitude and multi-mode filter, pitch and voice, including unison, vibrato, tremolo and filter LFO, all controlled by a mod wheel, effects section with drive, reduction, chorus, phaser and EQ, and a powerful 64-step phrase-monger. arpeggiator with large-scale quantization. Overall, you have complete control and creative flexibility.
Drum +
Over 2,400 individual drum sounds plus 210 preset sequence kits make up one massive vintage drum machine. Drumulation + contains all the elements of the original Drumulator, plus drum and percussion samples from Emulator, Emulator II, and Emulator III. Finally, we’ve included a full set of original sounds from the classic SP12, making it an unusual and inspiring source for classic lo-fi beats.
Drumulation + gives you an 8-part drum machine with panning, +/- 24 semitone pitch, decay, drive, high and low pass filters, 2 reverb and 2 delay sends, and drive bus and EQ effects. Use the built-in time-divider sequencer for each part to instantly create beats and then drag and drop MIDI to the DAW of your choice. With both stereo and multichannel outputs, Drumulation + is ready to integrate into even the most demanding mixes.
Massive Multis
Emulation II + Multi is a powerful and inspiring music creation tool that provides you with Drumulation + and 4 customizable slots where you can load any combination of Emulation I, II or III instrument layers. Use the built-in phraser / arpeggiator to create full song ideas, or play layers in a stack using amps and filters to create powerful new sounds. A formidable studio in itself, Emulation II + Multi gives you virtually limitless potential for creating sounds and phrases in inspiring and fast layouts.
A deep and rich instrument capable of reproducing everything from layered 4 parts to incredible vintage drums and an inspiring songbook with discrete 64-step arpeggiators / phrasers. Featuring fully customizable patterns, sounds, arps and effects, and authentic vintage hardware, Emulation II + is a powerful instrument and instant gratification machine ready to inspire for years to come.
• 4 instruments with authentic hardware sounds
• Over 1300 presets, 270 multis, 800+ layers, 2400+ drums and more.
• Inspirational ready-made sounds and patterns, all fully editable.


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