UVI – Fluidity v1.0.1

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Free Download Fluidity soundbank for UVI Falcon. Soundbank from the Falcon Expansions series , details will be a little later.

Overview of “Fluidity” – A Falcon Expansion

“Fluidity” is an expansion for Falcon that offers an exquisite collection of 111 meticulously crafted sounds, all designed by sound artist Simon Stockhausen. These sounds are inspired by the ever-flowing, evolving, and dynamic aspects of life. They are your ticket to a world of musical motion, seamless transitions, and the passage of time, all at your fingertips.

Features of “Fluidity”

This Falcon expansion comes with the following key features:

  • 111 masterfully created fluid-themed sounds that explore the continuous states of movement, flow, and the progression of time.
  • Easy tweaking and on-the-fly performance using the intuitive Macro controls.
  • Deep editing capabilities in Falcon, allowing for limitless sound customization.

Sound Categories in “Fluidity”

“Fluidity” is organized into seven categories, each offering a unique soundscape:

  1. Electronic: Dive into lush pads and moving leads.
  2. Mallets: Discover glittering arpeggios and percussive delights.
  3. Sequencer: Explore rhythmic and sequenced soundscapes.
  4. Soundscapes: Immerse yourself in incredible sonic landscapes.
  5. Strings: Experience the ethereal sounds of string instruments.
  6. Water: Encounter the fluidity of water-inspired sounds.
  7. Wind: Feel the gentle breezes and gusts through wind-themed patches.

Customization with Macros

Every patch in “Fluidity” is thoughtfully configured with between 7 and 12 macros, allowing you to deeply customize, perform, and expand the sonic range. These macro controls provide the flexibility to make broad or fine adjustments, ensuring each sound fits perfectly into your compositions.

Deep Sound Editing

Just like all Falcon expansions, “Fluidity” empowers you to dive into the patch structure of each sound. You can manipulate and reshape them according to your creative vision. The possibilities are endless, allowing you to craft unique sonic landscapes.

Detailed Insights

Simon Stockhausen has taken great care in crafting each preset. He has provided detailed patch notes for all 111 patches in “Fluidity.” These notes offer insight into the design of each sound, macro assignments, and more. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of how to harness the full potential of these soundscapes.

With “Fluidity,” you have a world of sonic motion and creativity at your disposal. Whether you seek calming beauty or technical wizardry in your music, these sounds will add a unique touch to your compositions.


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