UVI – Key Suite Digital v1.1.1 (UVI Falcon)

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Back in the 1980s, many synthesizer manufacturers began producing keyboards and modules designed for acoustic and electric piano sounds. The most iconic of these instruments was the Roland MKS-20, which introduced the SAS (structured / adaptive synthesis) sound engine. These instruments weren’t perfect, especially by modern standards, but at the time it was incredible to have real, playable keys in a lightweight and portable device. Digital sampling has come a long way since then, making these devices pretty much obsolete, but we love their lo-fi sound. Something about early digital sampling makes them unique even today. Old school, a little cheesy and far from modern instruments,
Exceptional instruments with real character
Each instrument in Key Suite Digital has its own sound and unique character, and that’s part of what makes this collection so special. Each instrument delivers a unique lo-fi sound from the early days of digital sampling and synthesis, bringing your music to life with distinctive vintage sounds. Key Suite Digital includes a full suite of sounds that made these modules great, including acoustic and electric pianos, keyboards, vibraphones, harpsichords, organs and more.
Deeply sampled using the best hardware

These instruments may sound bad, but we’ve worked hard to capture them in the best quality and create the most reliable engine possible. With over 20 years of experience in this field, you will immediately feel the difference, from hardware, cabling and converter choices to natural responsiveness and reliable playback with careful editing; we have done our best to ensure that Key Suite Digital reproduces “this” sound from the very beginning.
Professional sound at your fingertips

Great instruments and recordings are just the beginning. With Key Suite Digital, we have created a library that not only provides accurate sound, but also a fast and flexible interface to create it any way you want. We’ve even included a professional-grade effects rack with impulse response processor, multi-band EQ, digital delay, multi-mode modulation and reverb so you can get creative without the need for additional plug-ins. Start with finely crafted factory presets and easily tweak them to match your mix and keep you creative.


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