UVI – Model D (UVI Falcon)

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Experience the presence and power of Concert Grand Model D
Filmed in one of the best studios in the world.
Deep tone shaping tools, professional effects and adjustable microphones
Sit on the gorgeous Grand Model D, filmed on the magnificent soundstage of Guillaume Tell in Paris. Deep multisampling, accurate mastering and advanced scripting give you all the warmth, expressiveness and detail of the present.
Each note has been carefully sampled at multiple velocity levels with and without sustain. These samples were then carefully prepared and written using advanced key group layers and rule switching in the UVI Engine, which allowed the sustain pedals and release samples to articulate naturally. During this process, we consulted with concert pianists and used their feedback to fine-tune the algorithms to create the most enjoyable and natural playing experience possible.
The result is a programmed piano with subtle tempering, effortless beauty and the sound of a true concert grand.
Separate distribution. The tool is part of the “UVI – Key Suite Acoustic” collection.
to work with the bank you need UVI Falcon tool DOWNLOAD

Copy the license file from the R2R folder with the R2RUVI extension to C: \ ProgramData \ UVI \ R2R Copy the
library with the ufs extension where it is convenient, add the path to the library in the Falcon settings (preferences \ soundbank).
After adding the library, a restart of the UVI Falcon tool is required.

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