UVI – Orchestral Suite (UVI Falcon)


Orchestral Suitegives you access to over 60 classic instruments in one convenient and affordable package. Take full control of your own orchestra, including strings, brass, woodwinds, drums, a full choir, and many additional instruments such as a beautiful cathedral organ, harpsichord, celesta, classical guitar and harp. Choose from ensembles or solo instruments, choose from different playing styles, and further customize your set with controls for each instrument for realistic and expressive performance. Every sound in the Orchestral Suite has been carefully recorded and edited to provide a deep sense of natural realism and playability.

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Superb sound quality
Orchestral Suite, recorded in numerous sessions around the world with some of today’s best performers, was created to provide affordable world-class symphony tool for composers and producers of all skill levels. The recording sessions were performed with the highest quality possible, carefully planned to provide full range and natural color, capturing a variety of articulations, playing styles and alternatives. The finished instruments work flawlessly, delivering superb subtle dynamics and instant sound.
A fast and intuitive workflow,
Orchestral Suite includes individual user interfaces for each instrument, providing intelligent controls tailored to their unique qualities and playing styles. Many instruments have a convenient rocker switch system that allows you to change articulation on the fly, making complex performances easy. The visual design was focused on providing minimal and complex aesthetics so that the interface itself becomes transparent and the transition from one tool to another smooth. The result is an extremely intuitive workflow that helps you get more done in less time.
Expanded Reverb
To achieve an even more accurate sense of realism, all instruments include modern convolutional reverb with a range of premium IRs. Place your ensemble in the most famous concert halls, churches and cathedrals in Europe with control of mix and dry / wet signals. The UVI Engine’s Convolutional Reverb delivers flawless results with low CPU usage, allowing you to use it widely. When working with larger orchestrations, you can load convolutional reverb as a send effect directly into UVI Workstation for best performance.
Extreme Performance
With the latest advances in UVI Engine, Orchestral Suite 15645 sample size has been reduced to an astonishing 4.62 GB (lossless compression). Samples are decoded and streamed in real time with minimal processor overhead, making it the fastest and most portable orchestra ever. Real-world performance gains are instantaneous; this is unbelievably true on large arrangements with multiple instruments.
The Orchestral Suite is a complete orchestra with the impeccable sound quality and ease of use that UVI is renowned for, all at a fantastic price point.

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