UVI Program 24 v1.0.2 (UVI Falcon) (SOUNDBANK)


Program24 brings you the clear 80s Italo Disco sound inspired by two rare synths almost lost in time, Solton Programmer 24 and SM100… The Programmer 24 is a humble 3-octave keyboard released in 1985 that contained everything you need to create complete arrangements, as well as real-time performance functions ideal for supporting a band. It had a full 8-bit PCM drum section, analog bass and lead arpeggio with analog filters, violin, cello and 3 flute voices (8 ‘, 4’, 2 ‘), as well as an arranger, chord and pattern sequencers. To top it off, it had separate outputs for 8 drum and bass parts, full MIDI, and a tape storage interface. What really caught our attention about this little animal was the sound. It just sounds good right out of the box, filled with the 80s spirit that we absolutely adore. Drums are clean and punchy, bass and arpeggios combine vintage funk,
The SM100 is another cool analog synthesizer with DCO and phenomenal chorus / ensemble. We’ve multisampled each sound, allowing you to use the chorus effect as if you were doing it on a real sound. All in all, these two fantastic machines deliver a variety of tones and great-sounding voices ready to set the beat for a new generation.
a UVI Falcon sampler is required to work with the bank
220 Multi Kits, 9 Drum Presets with Kit settings and MIDI files, 9 handcrafted Drum Kits, 201 Drum MIDI files with drag’n drop, 18 Bass Presets, 20 Organ / String Presets, 21 Synth Presets in the 3 Accompaniment sections, 99 Arpeggiator Presets, 9540 Samples

installationinstallation: copy the file R2RUVI to C: ProgramData UVI R2R

Download Program 24 v1.0.2


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