UVI – UVX-10P (UVI Falcon)

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In 1985 the world was introduced to the Japanese 12-voice analog synthesizer with 24 oscillators par excellence and the last truly analog synthesizer in its line. Due to the meager aesthetics, the lack of knobs made the system a bit tricky to program, but an external controller could be plugged in, merrily reuniting synthesizers with the spontaneity and fast programming speed of its always popular siblings. This synthesizer is known for its huge and powerful analog sound, even with some digital textures; it’s just a great car. Programming possibilities were equally rich, including independent control of 2 DCOs per voice, 2 EGs, 2 VCFs, a built-in chorus, and even a sequencer (albeit limited).
172 Presets, 11,861 Samples

to work with the bank you need a UVI Falcon sampler
installation: copy the R2RUVI file from the R2R folder to C: \ ProgramData \ UVI \ R2R

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