W.A Production – Plug-Ins Collection VST, VST3, AAX x64

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WA Production was founded in 2014 to provide electronic music producers of all kinds with the tools they need to create their best music at a low cost. Starting with offering professional quality audio samples, WA Production has since grown into a globally recognized developer of audio plugins, DAW templates, music production courses and more. WA Production also prides itself on high quality customer support. Ensuring a positive customer experience is WA’s number one priority and the team is hard at work preventing and fixing any issues customers may encounter. WA Production is constantly innovating and testing new frontiers, pushing its products and the industry to new heights. The WA team does it,

Description of packages (All names are clickable, with a transition to offsite):
Combustor v1.0.0 Introducing COMBUSTOR – a unique way to create personalized compressor tones. This inspiring effect includes adaptive saturation processing to add character and crunch to your sound, all in one plugin.
Heat 2 v1.0.0 Introducing HEAT 2, the original double distortion power station, now with a stunning update. This melting plug has a new intuitive interface, more accurate frequency monitoring and many internal improvements.
Venom v1.0.0When reverb and delay aren’t enough, use Venom. This powerful spectral processing plug-in transforms raw audio into many types of sounds, from subtle granular motions to unrecognizable soundscapes. This makes Venom an incredibly versatile tool for sound engineers, musicians, EDM producers, and anyone else who needs otherworldly transformations.

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