WA Production – KSHMR Essentials v1.2.0 VST, VST3, AAX x64

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Each of us has a favorite chain plug-ins that we use before we try anything else…
those necessary tools that provide a special sauce for each track.
Now KSHMR Essentials is your first choice in processing. Whether you’re tuning the bass,
drums, kick, synth or vocals, this plug-in has an individual signal chain for each of them with 8
specially selected modules for these different applications.

Description continued
Created by world-renowned DJ, musician and record producer KSHMR, this specially designed artist plug-in puts the award-winning professional’s favorite signal chains at your fingertips. Ease of use is a priority: each module has only one disk, and all the complex processing and settings are behind the scenes. KSHMR knows what sounds great and makes it easy by creating the essential plug-in that can produce pro-level sound with just a few clicks. Achieving stadium-ready sound has never been easier!
Main characteristics
Presets :
With the many presets included, it’s easy to find the perfect start to shaping your own sound. KSHMR has handpicked these presets so it’s easy to browse and listen to his personal favorite presets. There are specially designed presets for bass, drums, kick, keys, synths and vocals.
Bass :
The main focus of most tracks, you want the bass to fill the dance floors and this plugin does just that. 8 modules of Harmonics, Fuzz, Pressure, Excite, Sub, Side Cut, Width and Compression combine to give your low end all the power and strength you need to stand out from the crowd. The first step in the chain adds upper harmonics to define the bass, which is especially useful for translating into smaller sound systems. Next, Fuzz adds a layer of curly distortion. The multiband compression is processed by the Pressure module and then fed into the Exciter for top hiss and saturation. Set the Sub control to the root key of your track to create a thin layer of sub-bass. The Side Cut control sharpens the center channel, or widen it with the Width module, then feed it into the final compressor,
Drums :
With 8 flexible modules suitable for all types of drums, you can quickly shape your drums to burst out of your speakers. The Air, Body, Details, Pressure, Transients, Tape saturation, Width and Glue modules combine to bring the rhythm section to life. The first two modules, Air and Body, add shine and weight to the sound. Boost the volume of quiet drums with the Detail control and add multi-band compression with the Pressure control. Power up your hits by increasing the Transient level, then boost the analog warmth with Tape saturation. The Width module determines the stereo field before feeding it to the Glue compressor.
kick :
Dedicating an entire bank of modules just for drum processing shows just how much effort goes into the individual KSHMR drum tracks. With 8 knobs for sub-bass, mid, air, transients, tape saturation, pressure, compression and width, you can say goodbye to flabby beats and easily set up a tight and defined sound. The initial sub-frequency generator adds more low frequencies as you tune the drum kit key. Concentrate the middle signal with the next control, and then add sparkle to the upper frequencies with the Air control. The next knob, Transient shaping, boosts the initial hit of the kick, while the Tape module can be adjusted from subtle saturation to full distortion. The Pressure module handles specially selected multi-band compression, and then feeds the signal to a conventional compressor for smooth processing. Finally, with the Width control, you can center the punch or make it wider.
Synths :
You need a powerful synth line to get your hands up and this plugin knows how to hit the buttons. 8 modules here are designed for sparkling stereo processing: Body, Presence, Air, Exciter, Details, Pressure, Expand and Glue. The top line of controls define the frequencies and harmonics of the synths: Body pumps up the lows and mids, Presence applies a magical EQ curve to minimize dirt, Air adds shine to the treble, and Exciter saturates the upper harmonics. Next, Details emphasizes the subtlety of your synth line, which is then fed into the Pressure module’s multi-band compression. Generous use of the Expand control expands the stereo field, and finally the Glue compressor brings it all together.
Vocals :
Vocal processing can be one of the most time-consuming parts of music production. In KSHMR Essentials, this difficult task is solved much faster thanks to 8 modules for configuring Gate, Body, Clarity, Air, Compression, Pressure, Spread and Glue. No matter how great your vocalist is, you will need to eliminate uneven breathing and room noise, so use the initial Gate setting for this. Then shape the tone of your singer’s performance with Body for weight, Clarity for clarity, and Air for sheen. Then turn down the dynamics so your vocals cut through the mix with the Comp control. Multiband compression is handled by the Pressure module before creating a wide stereo image with Spread and adding subtle saturation and drive with the Glue control.
visual feedback:
The processed sound can be selected as waveform or frequency display at the top of the interface. This real-time feedback makes it easy to see exactly what’s going on with your audio when using left, right, middle and side monitor or playback modes.
Auto-Gain and Clip :
These two controls mean that no matter how much you control the plugin, all your changes can be automatically matched in volume. Auto Gain can be set from -12 to +12dB and will keep the output volume constant so you can accurately compare before and after processing. Use the Clipper knobs to drive the signal into a soft clipper with variable parameters while maintaining the dynamics of the outgoing signal.
WA Production are real producers creating creative plug-ins to help you achieve studio-quality production quickly and easily. Enjoy!
Plugin developed by KSHMR.
Artist-designed module routing.
Processing chains for bass, drums, kick, synths, vocals and more.
Focus on ease of management.
Auto-gain and Clipping controls.
Flexible visual feedback with L/RM/S listening.
Responsive and CPU friendly.
Factory presets.
Changelog v1.2.0
Update June 14, 2022.
Added the ability to resize.
Improved preset manager.
Fixed minor bugs.

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