WA Production – MultiBender v1.5.1 VST, VST3, AAX x64

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MultiBende – Echo Chamber:
Let’s admit that you already have a delay plugin… maybe not even one. It’s great, but you haven’t heard anything better than Multibender yet.
Featuring amazing multi-band processing and 4 (think 4) simultaneous delay modules, Multibender is your tempo-synced solution for creative delay processing. Create intricate percussion patterns, wild synth ping-pong and groove parts with just a few clicks, or even less if you use one of the inspiring presets. Each separate delay group has individual effects, allowing you to turn boring keys into vibrating vintage progressions or to boost flabby bass lines with distortion and saturation for dance floor dominance.

Main characteristics

Multi-band Madness :
Delay handling is split into 3 separate modules linked to the standard delay controls at the top of the interface, although they can all be configured independently. Drag the crossover points on the waveform display to quickly adjust the frequency ranges of the three bands. Then select the delay time (including dashed and triplet), feedback level, and gain control for each. This means you can delay the lows a little and longer the mids and highs to send them jumping around the room. On and off buttons for each range let you turn off any unwanted processing, just in case you want to keep the bassline tight or the mids clear.
Saturate, Crush and Detune:
Standard delays for each of the three bands sound complex and expansive, but you can push the effect to the limit with three effects for each band. They work completely independently of each other and include saturation, bitcrush and detuning. Apply as much or as little of each as you like to create different kinds of audio effects. Try to bring sparkling high frequencies with rich harmonics in the upper frequency range. Adjust the midrange delay to create a rippling analog feel in the body of the sound. Make the bassline scream with crushed lows.
No HAASsle :
The main delay unit’s built-in HAAS control can create a subtle stereo effect by shifting the left or right channel time offset – a proven and reliable technique for adding space and width to your delay adventures.
Appearance is everything :
The center window shows exactly what’s happening to each of the three bands as the sound passes through the plugin – useful visual feedback to keep track of signal transformations. Three color waveforms clearly display the processing effect of each module, allowing you to accurately monitor and shape the operational form at each stage of the chain.
Presets :
With the many presets included, it’s easy to find the perfect shuffle for your instruments and vocals. These factory options can be used on guitars, basses, drums, synths, and more. The presets include everything from subtle ping pong bounces to massive large room delays that last for days.

WA Production are real producers creating creative plug-ins to help you achieve studio-quality production quickly and easily. Enjoy!

4-step delay like you’ve never heard before.
Independent multiband processing for high, mid and low frequency bands.
Saturation, suppression and detonation for each range.
Straight, dashed and triplet time.
HAAS control for stereo width.
Bypass without clicks and ascent.
Waveform plot for accurate visual feedback.
Factory presets.

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