Waves Ultimate 14.v09.08.23 macOS [Intel/Apple]


Free Download Waves Plugin Bundle for Mac. It delivers professional-grade audio editing, production mixing & mastering. This extensive collection of plugins is a game-changer, and we’ve got the inside scoop on how you can access it for free!

New Release Notes – August 9, 2023: Stay up-to-date with Waves’ latest enhancements and optimizations:

  • Magma Springs Fix: An initialization issue with Magma Springs in the SuperRack live plugin chainer has been resolved, ensuring seamless performance.
  • eMotion LV1 Updates: The eMotion LV1 live mixer software and eMotion LV1 Session Editor have been upgraded to version Fixes include addressing a bug that caused DSP-optimized mode and gain levels to reset, along with resolving the issue of Voltage Amps plugin not loading in the eMotion LV1 Session Editor.
  • WaveShell1-AAX Fix: In WaveShell1-AAX (v14.12.122.413), a bug causing meter freezing in AudioSuite preview has been rectified.
  • DTS Broadcast Plugins: The highly acclaimed Waves DTS broadcast plugins are once again available for purchase, as part of the DTS Neural Surround and the Broadcast Surround bundles. Please note that DTS plugins are not accessible through Waves Creative Access subscriptions.

August 6, 2023 – Waves Central v14.3.1 Updates: Experience smoother operations and improved accessibility with Waves Central’s latest version:

  • Download Data Progress: The Central progress bar now displays download data, keeping you informed during the download process.
  • Streamlined Downloads: The download process has been enhanced for a more efficient experience.
  • In-App Tutorials: Five new in-app tutorials have been added, providing valuable guidance and insights.
  • StudioVerse Tab: Enjoy quick access to StudioVerse- and StudioRack-related installations through the newly introduced StudioVerse tab.


  • Apple Silicon Compatibility: Please note that Waves plug-ins are not currently supported or tested on Apple Silicon devices.
  • Waves Gemstones and Key Detector: Be aware that Waves Gemstones and Key Detector functions are currently unavailable

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  1. Ikabod Cranium

    October 29, 2023 3:06 am

    Another non-working download! This is the second release from here that has not worked. Loads fine but comes up in the Demo mode. Please advise. I don’t mean to be ungrateful. But if it doesn’t work then and you won;t help to fix it then why bother at all. Respectfully, Your just spinning your wheels and ours. Please atke a few minutes to help.


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