UVI – World Suite 2 v1.0.6 (SOUNDBANK, Falcon)

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– An epic collection of traditional and ethnic sounds
– 65,000+ samples, 369 instruments, 10,000+ loops and phrases
– Intuitive user interfaces with controls for each instrument. all major continents and ethnic traditions. Explore the sounds of our world heritage and travel to the most secluded corners of the world in search of inspiration with hundreds of playable instruments and thousands of authentically performed loops and phrases.
The World Suite is truly huge, one of our largest libraries, but it includes over 65,000 samples and represents years of planning, recording, editing, coding, and designing for implementation. The idea was simple: we wanted to create a single library that would allow anyone to quickly and easily navigate to any region of the world, browse local instruments, and start playing. Travel to Africa and experience the primal drive of tribal drums and the mesmerizing resonance of the Mbir, to Asia and Indonesia for the thin strings of a koto, mystical shakuhachi flute and cerebral gamelan, or Australia for the didgeridoo and ancient percussion instruments aboriginal … Wherever you go, World Suite can become your musical guide with the largest and most complete collection of traditional instruments,
Version 2 adds 48 instruments and over 2000 loops and phrases, including new Georgian vocal phrases (male and female), a new exclusive Oriental Strings Ensemble with dozens of many sample phrases in Arabic, Turkish and Persian recorded in 12 keys with percussion, and 3 new Traveler tools.
to work with the bank you need a Falcon sampler
installation: move the R2RUVI file from the R2R folder to C: \ ProgramData \ UVI \ R2R


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