Zero-G – Celestial Visions (KONTAKT)

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Overview of Celestial Visions – A Multi-Layered Textural Kontakt Instrument

Celestial Visions by Ergo Kukke is an extraordinary Kontakt instrument, meticulously crafted to take your soundscaping to new heights. This multi-layered tool is designed to infuse spontaneity into your audio creations, allowing you to craft captivating soundscapes effortlessly.

Features of Celestial Visions

  • Multi-Layered Brilliance: Celestial Visions seamlessly combines four distinct audio sources, providing you with a wide array of sonic possibilities. It’s your ticket to a sonic odyssey that transcends time and space.

  • Unlock Your Creativity: This innovative instrument opens the door to the ethereal realms of your subconscious. Dreams and celestial phenomena merge as you explore the rich array of multi-layered snapshots, making it an invaluable asset for composers and creators working in film, video, and game soundtracks.

Technical Details

  • Sample Quality: Over 3.3 GB of samples at 48kHz and 32-bit resolution.
  • Snapshot Selection: Explore 118 thematic categorized snapshots.
  • Individual Control: Tailor your sounds with independent 3-band EQ, envelope, and filter parameters for each source.
  • Pitch Shifting: Experiment with pitch shifting controls, with a range of +/- 36 semitones.
  • Pan Your Sound: Source-specific panning controls for precise placement.
  • Randomization: Spice things up with sample selection randomization.
  • Creative Manipulation: Utilize the ‘Source Movement’ and ‘Filter Movement’ manipulation pads to shape your mix and add dynamic effects.
  • Modulation Units: Access ‘Horizontal,’ ‘Vertical,’ and ‘Circular’ modulation units for further sonic exploration.
  • Modulation Options: Dive into the ‘Edit Modulation’ menu, featuring 4 LFO modules and 4 envelope modules for in-depth sound modulation.
  • Effects Galore: Enhance your soundscapes with 9 different effects modules, including chorus, distortion, reverb, and more.
  • Randomization Control: Easily toggle randomization for multiple sets of parameters to keep your creations fresh.

Size Information

  • Expanded Size: Celestial Visions requires 3.3 GB of space.

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