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ETHERA EVI is meant to fulfill the requirements of the foremost exigent up to date composers and sound engineers and invitations you into an incredible world of beautiful vocals, synthesizers, arpeggios, textures, bass, horns, drums, acoustic instruments and close sounds for your medium and electronic musical creations. EtherA EVI could be a complete all-in-one tool for sound recording, video game, multimedia, and sound style.
It consists of
four main instruments: –
Ethera EVI Vocal True
Legato Instrument –
Ethera EVI
Vocal Phrases Instrument – Ethera EVI Vocal Builder – Ethera EVI Synth Ethera EVI Vocal Builder could be a set of samples programmed as associate intelligent element that permits the musician to play vocal sequences or chords with completely different vocal articulations in real time.
Ethera EVI Synth could be a powerful synthesizer and also the excellent tool for medium sound, sound style, cyber punk music or any electronic music production. the first samples were created by sampled a number of the simplest hardware synthesizers, numerous recordings, and also the full spectrum of organic sounds, acoustic instruments, and human voices. Ethera EVI SYNTH contains quite 850 presets already created for you and prepared to be used, together with one hundred Multis, also as a multi-sampled 1928 Acoustic FELT Piano.

New in version
– True legato two.0 : New “emotive Uh” & “emotive Ah” Articulations With Multisample Layers By Midi speed
– True legato two.0 : Natural unharness, No Loop, Natural sound.
– True legato two.0 : four Articulations With Key Switches
– New Vocal Phrases: Over 600mb of latest Samples – ( In Total Over one.8 Gb Of Vocal Phrases )
– Vocal Arp: New Samples & Presets ( Whispers; Short Sounds; Ah; Oh; Etc Etc )
– EVI Synth: New Synth two.0 With Over five Gb of latest Wavetable Sounds ( Synth, Percussions, Textures, Etc )
– EVI Synth Snapshots: currently There area unit planned Snapshots
– EVI Synth: All one.5 planneds are born-again Into snap Preset Format ( There area unit three Synths : Synth one.5, Synth 2.0 A, Synth 2.0 B )
– EVI Synth : eight Lfos ( Filters; Fx, Speed, Pan, Grain/formant )
– New written Legato: Mmm , Uh, Ih

– Over 18GB of samples
– New powerful EVI true legato with up to four speed articulations and sustains
– New vocal builder instrument that permits you to make your own distinctive vocal phrases
– Over a thousand samples of inspiring vocal phrases synced to the bmp and “legato mode”
– Over 13GB of samples from the simplest hardware synths and organic sounds
– Over 1.0GB of electronic drum loops
– associate exclusive acoustic vintage 1928 piano felt (2 mic: stereo – mono)
– Critically acclaimed voice of Clara Sorace
– New convolution reverb
– Wavetable synth with sample grain management
– Glide and unison mode for the EVI synth
– Arpeggiator with 6x play mode and pitch sequencer
– five LFO & filters – free or synced to the host clock
– graphical user interface with simple to use controls and absolutely automatic midi learn controllers
– FX rack with midi learn
– 2 “off-set” sample begin controls in vocal phrases and legato mode
– wave show
– Roli seaside support (synth legato glide & mono aftertouch)
– Over 800 presets together with multi instruments


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