Zero-G – Ethera Gold 2.5 (KONTAKT)

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Best medium Kontakt Tool for sound recording Creation, medium and Epic Music for Ethera Gold two.5 Trailers
is a fresh powerful set of medium instruments Kontakt. it is a powerful all-in-one tool for making medium music, sound style, and hybrid music, that includes high-quality medium feminine and male vocals and a bunch of ennobling hybrid instruments. the right new tool to make soundtracks, medium music, epic music trailers and any music that needs fantastic solo vocals and powerful, inspiring, hybrid sounds.

The vocal instruments enclosed in Ethera Gold two.5 use the glorious vocals of Clara Sorache and Daniele D’Andrassi. Clara has sung with several of the best composers of soundtracks and video games, still as trailer creators. Her voice may be a exciting mix of soul, cinematic, epic and emotional with the charm of Latin talent. Daniele may be a terrific vocaliser with a strong vocal sound property. For hybrid synthesizers, we tend to sampled many organic sources, acoustic instruments and hardware synthesizers to make quite 1200 ready-to-use presets.
Ethera Gold two.5 includes gorgeous vocals, hybrid instruments, epic hits, bass synthesizers, organic sounds, string textures, best percussion, hybrid wind instruments, drum loops and additional. In fact, that is all you wish to make the right soundtrack!

Tools Review – Ethera Gold two.5 with over 33GB of pure medium splendor is that the excellent addition for Ethera EVI or Ethera Soundscapes. Of course, Ethera Gold two.5 itself may be a powerful versatile tool to enrich or enhance your musical organization palette with new hybrid sounds, nice vocals, brams, hits from trailers and more!
Ethera Gold Synthesizer Engine – Ethera Gold Core Synth two may be a powerful tabular wave synthesizer containing varied sorts of instruments together with bass, horns, braams, hybrid wind instruments, string textures, synthesizer, organic sounds, rises, trailer hits, percussion, drum loops, etc. The instrument has varied sound engines for three instrumental layers (now there’s conjointly Associate in Nursing audio import operate to tug Associate in Nursingd drop an external sample into the Core Engine).

Ethera Gold Action Synth two may be a 4-layer loop-based table-wave synthesizer containing a spread of arpeggios, sequences, drum loops, percussion magnifiers, and organic magnifiers. synchronal with the M.M. of your Corvus monedula, it is the excellent tool to make attractive hybrid soundtracks. (REVERSE incorporates a special version of Action Synth 2).

Ethera Gold True smooth two.5 may be a tool that uses “true smooth” playback intervals once taking part in connected notes (legato) for every interval up to Associate in Nursing octave in any direction or layers of the mortal that square measure vie once the sport isn’t in legato mode. This new epic True smooth relies on Clara’s powerful epic vocals and Daniel’s vocals. we tend to hand-picked every interval chromatically. there’s no artificial pitch result, solely a true human voice with a true vary of up to three.5 octaves. every interval contains up to three articulation samples, that you’ll be able to management with Midi-Velocity. there’s conjointly a scripted smooth tool with four extra articulations.

Ethera Gold Vocal Phrases may be a tool that reproduces real vocal improvisations. the important “soul” of the singer. It contains quite 1600 phrases in numerous designs, keys and M.M.. victimisation the powerful Kontakt engine, you’ll be able to modification the first M.M. victimisation the Time Mode operate.

Ethera Gold Sustains – contains polyphonic syllabic voice notes that square measure accustomed produce vocal textures or backing vocals.
Ethera Gold Builder – contains polyphonic syllabic vocal samples that square measure helpful for making arpeggios or short vocal sequences.
Ethera Vocal Synth may be a hybrid tool with three layers. Layer two is that the wave table engine. Vocal Synth may be a powerful tool for making vocal textures, arpeggiators and table-wave sounds.

New in version
– New Clara’s epic true legato: eh, buzzing mmm articulations
– fresh male true smooth by Daniele epic ah articulation
– regarding 700MB of recent vocal phrases (male & female)
– New sustain samples (female & male)
– fresh vocal synth with wavetable engine
– Action synth in reverse mode
– True smooth has been developed with solely 150/ two hundred MS of latency
– New shot presets installer for mack OS
– New core synth samples: Italian chordophone, buffalo harp, ukulele
– Improved core synth roli edition

– nineteen multi-sampled Kontakt Instruments
– just about 33GB of twenty four bit, 48KHz samples
– Over 15,000 Original medium Samples
– The fresh Epic Vocal True smooth MALE & feminine – four GB of multi-sampled and chromatic vocal true smooth – up to articulations controlled by Midi- rate and four spherical Robin Sustains.
– Custom Convolution Reverb
– Over 1800 ennobling vocal phrases unionised by Key – Style- M.M. – delivered conjointly
in open wav format thus you’ll be able to simply drag & drop them into your Corvus monedula
– five Hybrid Synths with new Audio Engine supported three powerful Synth Engines
– Core Synth two.01 with Audio Import Feature
– Over twenty GB of samples from Hardware Synths, Acoustic Instruments (Violins, Guitar, Winds, etc) and plenty of alternative organic sources
– Glide & Unison Mode
– Arpeggiator
– 11 LFO, one MIDI negotiable Table Modulator
– FX Rack
– Wavetable Synth with Sample Grain and period of time Stretching
– Over 1GB of Drum Loops
– Over 1300 shot Presets
– ROLI seacoast special patches


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