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KADA is an incredibly realistic Batucada and Samba percussion instrument library with an easy to use Kontakt interface.
The library includes over 1150 24-bit 48 kHz samples. Each specimen has been meticulously crafted to preserve the life and realism of each instrument.
Samba is the spirit and rhythm of life in Brazil. The main idea of ​​KADA is to recreate this spirit in an authentic listening experience, as if ten musicians from a traditional samba band were playing a carnival in your studio. We did this by giving each sound 8 speed layers, each containing 8 loops. This creates an amazingly realistic reproduction of a live carnival group with all its energy and emotion. The user interface of Kontakt is very easy to use. There are 8 channels for each individual percussion instrument: Surdo, Snare, Repinique, Agogo, etc. Each channel has individual volume, pan, solo and mute controls. Equalizer, Transient Master, Compression and Tape Saturation effects are also provided for each channel, so you can customize the sounds to your liking. Each instrument is mapped to at least 2 keys with different samples per key for ultra-realistic and very subtle results. The interface also comes with a stereo width control and Master Convolution Reverb with 16 room impulses. KADA is all you need to create your own bright, colorful, sun-drenched samba beats!

Please note : KADA does not contain ready-made rhythms and is only a percussion library.
For our tutorial video we used a selection of Samba MIDI files fromFree MIDIS 101

– More than 1150 samples in 48 kHz, 24 bits.
– 8-channel mixer.
– Volume, Pan, Mute, Solo, Attack and Sustain controls for each instrument. • Master Convolution Reverb with 16 room impulses.
– Stereo width control.
– 8 speed layers for each tool.
– 8 controlled rounds.
– Equalizer, compression and tape saturation for each channel.
– Automatic dynamic speed.

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