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PHAEDRA Redux was produced by Sam Spacey, who also created the widely acclaimed Epica and Epica Bass virtual synths.
PHAEDRA Redux replaces the previous version that ran in the free Kontakt Player and required an activation serial number. PHAEDRA Redux requires the full version of Kontakt 6.6.0 and will not work in the free Kontakt Player. All sounds from the original PHAEDRA are available in the new version. The main difference is the updated Kontakt GUI.
PHAEDRA Redux comes with a stunning new interface that gives the user amazing sound shaping capabilities.
Offering over 4GB of sounds, 20,000 samples and 720 patches, PHAEDRA is the ultimate virtual analog synthesizer.
Dissatisfied with the lack of pure sonic power in virtual VSTi analog synth emulations, VSTi analog synthesizer manufacturer Sam Spacey embarked on a three-year journey to build the perfect synth, and ended up creating a monster in PHAEDRA.
Screenshot of Zero-G PHAEDRA Redux KONTAKT Created with the same attention to detail as a huge library of orchestral samples. Each of the 20,000 samples has been edited and looped by hand, with very long loops to extract that beautiful analogue magic of randomness. Almost every preset samples every single note to eliminate overlap within the instrument’s range.
Since the Kontakt engine has been completely pushed to the limit, we have created a library that is a complete synthesizer in its own right. This library is not based on any particular electronic genre and is well suited to any style.

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